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This workbook was created to help you remember words, phrases, and concepts. It follows along CCM Certification Made Easy and allows you to write in important words and phrases while you are reading the book so that you remember them. It was not meant to test your knowledge after reading the chapter.

You can print the workbook off and complete it as many times as needed to learn the material.

Companion Workbook



This video is loaded with strategies specific to the CCM exam that have helped countless case managers pass their tests.  

*Please note that to get the Test Taking Strategies Video for free you must be the original purchaser of CCM Certification Made Easy 3rd Edition. It is available for purchase for those who are not the original purchaser.

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Additional Recommended Resources

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CCM Prep Course On Demand

CCM Prep Course (On Demand)

Our On-Demand course is pre-recorded and available anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. The course is self-paced and can be viewed over and over. It is best for someone who needs repetition, to hear the information, or both. RN CE is available for this course. 

CCM Prep Course Live

CCM Prep Course (Live)

This 6-week Online Live Course is offered three times a year, corresponding with each testing cycle. The classes are held 2 hours a week for 6 weeks and taught live over Zoom by our expert instructors. You have access to your instructors during the class and between classes via email. Before each class, there is required reading from CCM Certification Made Easy 3rd Edition. This is best for someone who needs to hear the information but also wants accountability, motivation, and interaction with an instructor.

CCM Exam Practice Questions

CCM Exam Practice Questions

We receive many questions regarding our recommendations for a CCM practice test. If you are looking for additional practice questions beyond those found in CCM Certification Made Easy click below to be taken to more information. 

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